Whether you look at the statistics from established research houses:

… Or you browse through the research that demonstrates the benefits of Social Selling (from CSO Insights, 2016):

… Or you look at the documented case studies highlighting the success of Social Selling from established corporations:

Quantitatively and Qualitatively – The Proof Is There! Social Selling Works!

The B2B Buyer has changed. So the B2B Sales approach must change in line. Traditional sales methods are still valid but without a social and digital dimension, the traditional methods are not as effective and are definitely not as efficient. As the B2B buying process has transformed, the B2B selling process too has evolved. To remain relevant, sales professionals must add to their sales repertoire. This is no longer optional – It is mandatory. This is no longer a nice to do – It is must do.

71% of sales professionals believe that their role will be radically different by the early 2020s. Are you Social Selling yet? Are you still boldly ‘smiling and dialling’ or ‘dialing for dollars’ as your primary sales modus operandi? No, I am not against the phone. I am amongst the breed of social selling trainers that believe the cold call is not dead and that the phone is still relevant. I take pride in making 50 dials a day, 3 days a week.

However, why not warm the call up if you can? Why not amplify the results of the dials by leveraging social?

Social Selling can make a significant difference to your existing sales arsenal. Embrace social selling. Don’t be resistant to this change. Make it yours and add it to your existing sales process.

For now, here are 12 stats that prove you need to start social selling. Leverage Nike’s Motto – Just Do It!