5 ways to increase webinar attendance

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Physical events are off the table for most of the world right now. Online meeting platform usage has gone through the roof. More webinars are being delivered than ever.

Your decision makers are getting double, triple the amount of webinar invites they used to receive. Webinars have to stand out if they’re to get traction.

Here are five of the best ways to promote your webinar.

1. Offer intriguing content

You will struggle to promote your webinar if your topic is not interesting and impactful enough. Your audience likely come across many webinar posts on social media and receive numerous invitations in their inbox. To make your webinar stand out, you need a topic that is highly relevant to your audience; it cannot merely be a commercial for your product.

How do you know what will be relevant to your audience? Examine your website analytics and social metrics to pinpoint a topic that generates interest, and leads. Better yet, find something that targets your audience’s pain points.

2. Create an arsenal of compelling images

Visual content is crucial to webinar promotion, especially for social media – and even for email. Visuals are a more effective way of targeting your audience than sharing text and a link.

There are a few ways you could go about preparing your visuals. Creating a series of original graphics that highlight the topic and the webinar details are an excellent way to go. Additionally, a teaser video that provides your audience with context on the webinar topic is also an effective method of generating interest.

While creating your images, be careful not to use the same template as your previous webinars. This can be a convenient way to line up your assets, but you risk making all your events look exactly the same.

3. Get your landing page right

Remember to keep it simple. You want your visitors to have the right information and context, but you do not want to give them too much information. Additionally, when collecting their details, you should only collect essential information; you do not want to irritate them by asking for too much.

While you are getting your landing page right, optimise it for sharing. You want to promote your webinar through social media primarily, and the more shares you can get from those already attending, the better. This can be as simple as adding sharing buttons to your landing page or encouraging someone to share their attendance with their network after registering.

4. Queue email reminders

You should line up a thoughtful yet steady cadence of emails to remind your attendees and customers of the event. The best way to do this is to send out a reminder one week before, the day before and the morning of the webinar.

Send your first email in advance, as people will need to plan for it. Your audience likely have little time to spare on short notice. So, you need to give them enough time to learn about, plan for and register for your webinar. 

This is easy to accomplish if you leverage marketing automation platforms and line up your email promotions and reminders in advance of the event. 

5. Give your attendees an incentive

One way to intrigue your audience is to offer a small ‘Thank You’ gift. This could be as simple as a gift card or small prize worth $50-$100 for a lucky winner.

You should not keep your gift a surprise for the actual day. If you want to boost registration (and attendance), your audience needs to know about it. It also gives you something else to talk about than repeating the event messaging over and over!

Avoid seeming tacky by relating the giveaway to your event. For example

  • Google Home or Chromecast at a Google-related webinar
  • Kindle gift cards or books at a leadership or learning event 
  • Software or subscription at any Tech session

…and if you have a partner or sponsor working with you on the webinar, ask them to provide the giveaway. It can reinforce their offering or message.

If you would like to learn more about how Resonate can boost the attendance of your next webinar, please get in touch. 

Girish is the CMO & Co-Founder of Resonate.

GV is our Marketing and Delivery head. He keeps our clients’ marketing strategy on track and leads the Resonate team to deliver commercial outcomes.

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