How well does your marketing team know your product?

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B2B tech organisations face a unique challenge when it comes to marketing. Whether it be a product or service, what they sell is often technically complicated. Complicated enough to preclude many marketers from understanding the very nature of what it is they need to market. 

Leaders of tech organisations must approach the function of marketing with the same scrutiny they apply to all other areas of business. An error in judgment on the marketing front can severely impact an organisation… Lost revenue, stalled growth, loss of competitive advantage… just to name a few of the more common issues.

Does your tech organisation have the right people driving your marketing machinery?

To find out, begin by investigating your marketer’s knowledge levels.

If an organisation seeks standout results from its marketing investment, leaders must take a hard look at the knowledge levels of their marketing team. Seek out where your marketer’s knowledge gaps are and prepare to have an uncomfortable conversation. Closely assess your findings. Do your marketers have the expertise required to market your offering? Do they have expertise in the pain points of the personas they are marketing to? Do they have the domain and industry expertise required? If your marketing team does not precisely understand what your organisation does and how it competes, they cannot market it competently.

Here is how your marketer’s technical knowledge levels impact your sales cycle

Today, marketing plays a crucial role in the sales process. Organisations often invest in skilling up salespeople but do not place equal importance on skilling up marketers. Today, prospective customers conduct independent online research through every stage of the buyer’s journey. Your organisation’s marketing efforts must align with the sales process to create forward momentum. To achieve alignment, your marketers must be skilled and competent in your core offering and its competitive dynamics.


In the B2B tech space, it is crucial to understand that your product or service offering is complex to ‘non-tech’ outsiders. Most marketers fall into this category and do not have tech-specific knowledge. The absence of foundational technical knowledge severely impacts the average marketers’ competency levels in this space. Therefore to gain the best results from your marketing spend, you have two options… One is to train your marketers in the technical capabilities and applications of your offering.

Alternatively, you can engage a specialised marketing team, such as Resonate. Our team has the technical expertise to understand your business, offering, and technology itself. We also have the capability and domain expertise to strategise new channels to market and additional revenue opportunities to further grow your business.

Resonate can competently guide your organisation from a Strategy, Marketing and Sales perspective. If you feel your organisation could benefit from the technical expertise Resonate offers, please do not hesitate to contact me ( or 0412 517 237) to discuss further.

RK is the CEO & Co-Founder of Resonate.

RK is Resonate’s chief strategist, thought leader, and IT industry veteran. Our clients depend on RK to advise on their business strategy, channel strategy, and sales strategy. 

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