What makes you healthy can also make you a good Social Seller…

In 2009 I became a father for the first time. Two years on when my son, Zen, turned 2, I realised that my poor health was impeding my ability to run around and play with him. It was compromising the joys of fatherhood. I weighed a rather uncomfortable 125 Kgs.

One eve, chasing Zen around the backyard and feeling really unwell, I decided to make a change. I made the decision to reach my ideal body weight (of 85 Kgs) over a three-year period (by August 2014). I achieved this result in three years. The main reason I achieved the result was due to discipline, and the fact that I stuck to a routine. The discipline of healthy eating. The routine of exercise. The discipline of making healthy choices each and every day. The routine of getting to bed on time and waking up early. The discipline of going to the gym. The routine I followed once inside the gym. You get my point.

Now, you may ask: how is one person’s weight loss and being healthy relevant to the profession of sales and with social selling? Well, in our personal lives, we have desired outcomes. My desired outcome was to lose weight and be healthy to enjoy a better quality of life with my son. So too professionally we have desired outcomes. In the profession of sales there are various desired outcomes; better income, job stability, promotion, recognition, increased employment opportunities etc. For most desired outcomes, there has to be a set discipline and a routine that must be followed, to achieve the outcome.

When it comes to traditional selling, sales professionals must have discipline and execute a routine of cold calls, emails, follow up calls, face to face meetings, proposals, professional networking events, presentations etc. So too, when it comes to social selling, sales professionals must have discipline and execute a routine.

Maintaining good health requires a routine that is executed with discipline. Similarly, achieving success in social selling too requires a routine that is executed with discipline.

So what is the perfect social selling routine? How long should social selling take per day? What should a sales professional’s daily social activity look like? Our friends at Sales for Life (a global pioneer and front runner in the social selling space) crowdsourced the answer from 65,000 sales professionals. The result to the question: “What is the perfect social selling routine?” led to the birth of the Infographic below.

This social selling routine can be achieved in 30 minutes/day, and touches every stage of the buyer’s journey from lead generation to prospecting, closing to nurturing. Execute it. Enjoy the rewards.

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About the Author:

RK (Rahul Kumar), Founder & CEO of Resonate Business Ignition, is a leading Social & Digital Selling expert. He is a trainer, consultant and is a provider of advisory services to Business leaders, Sales leaders and Sales Professionals on Social & Digital Selling. He was the first Australian Sales leader to embrace the LinkedIn Sales Navigator platform in the Au/NZ region. Rahul is very passionate about Social & Digital Selling and about Digital Marketing and has trained 100+ Sales leaders, and 1,000+ Sales Professionals in Social/Digital Selling.