Microsoft Teams Inbound Lead Generation Campaign

Microsoft Teams Inbound Lead Generation Campaign

The Brief

2020 took the world by surprise and threw office-based working into disarray. Applications such as Zoom, Google Meets, and Microsoft Teams gained record numbers of new users as people started doing the majority of their work from home.

Many companies deployed Microsoft Teams en masse, but skipped essential change management and user adoption steps out of necessity. 

Our customer Experteq spotted an opportunity for niche, just-in-time Microsoft Teams professional services in companies that had adopted the technology in a rushed manner. 

Experteq asked Resonate to help them find NSW Government and commercial entities who would procure their Microsoft professional services in the short to medium term.

What Resonate delivered


Resonate started by conducting primary research into what the Australian IT services buyer was saying and thinking about Microsoft Teams. We identified ‘user adoption’ as a key concern in a significant proportion of our conversations, and chose to frame our campaign around user adoption as the central theme.


The centrepiece of our campaign was our Microsoft Teams User Adoption eBook. This stemmed out of our market research and became a comprehensive, 12,000-word guide to Microsoft Teams user adoption in the year 2020. We then updated the eBook over time as Microsoft released incremental changes to the Microsoft Teams platform.

The eBook was reviewed by Experteq’s own Microsoft Teams lead consultant, who added some additional perspective and copy to a number of its chapters.


We chose an original design that used Experteq’s brand colours throughout, with a combination of tables, graphs, original illustrations, and other imagery to convey meaning in a compelling fashion. The eBook was published as a PDF, optimised for web-based consumption.


Our campaign came together on the Experteq site. We designed and built a landing page to house the eBook, and cloned the page a few times. Reason for the cloning was to optimise one version of the landing page for long-term SEO, and the other variants for Advertising.


Resonate created an ad campaign to land qualified leads inside our client’s CRM, using the eBook as a drawcard. We chose Google Ads as our primary channel, targeting long-tail Microsoft Teams searches from specific geographies within Australia. Our ads pointed to different landing pages, depending on the contents of the search, to achieve the highest possible conversion rate. We optimised the campaign over time to reduce cost-per-conversion, and cost-per-lead.

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Measurable outcomes / results:

qualified pipeline
$ 500000
closed business
$ 100000

Considering a similar project? Let’s chat!