Cold calling is a divisive term in business. Some people are adamant that it does not work; it is too costly and too much effort burned. Others swear by cold calling, myself included. I believe it is an effective method for increasing prospects and closing sales.

What if you feel like your sales team does not have time for cold calling? Outsourcing the process can fill the gaps. Instead of your in-house team and senior sales reps making cold calls, a representative makes the first call to a lead and introduces them to your company and services on your behalf. If the person becomes interested in working with you further, then that sales rep will set up a meeting.

By outsourcing this process, businesses can ensure they have access to qualified leads and improved results from their sales efforts. Here are four benefits of this process.

Reduce your operating costs

Think about what you would spend hiring, training and providing equipment to a full-time sales development representative to bring cold calling in-house. Outsourcing cold calling can be an excellent way for B2B businesses to reduce operational costs while improving sales performance and ensuring consistent results.

Time is another cost that outsourcing can reduce. To bring on a sales team, you must spend time finding the right reps, training them, and building an entire function from the ground up. By relying on an experienced B2B agency with a team ready to go, you can quickly reach their desired goals while freeing up valuable time and resources.

Increase sales productivity

Outsourcing cold calling to a B2B agency will increase the daily number of calls made on your company’s behalf. Your in-house sales team do not have the time to make that volume of calls; they need to prepare for discovery calls, draw up contracts and strengthen relationships with your existing clients. If your internal sales team has historically spent hours of their day making cold calls, they now have more time to work on these pressing tasks.

A B2B agency will have a dedicated lead sourcing team that will identify leads and pass these on to the cold callers to hit the phones to establish contact with key decision-makers within target companies. These salespeople will have a script and the knowledge to pitch your product and set up the first meeting with interested people. From there, your sales team can take the prospect to a close. So, you can reach your sales goals faster than you might have on your own.

Ultimately, outsourcing cold calling can help you maximise the effectiveness of your sales efforts. Instead of spending valuable time and resources on recruiting and training an in-house team, you can outsource the task to a capable service provider.

Improved data accuracy

There is very little room in B2B sales for inaccuracies. Old data, incorrect phone numbers or low-quality leads can hinder your operations and prevent you from targeting the right people.

Outsourcing cold calling is an incredibly effective option for increased accuracy in a company’s B2B sales operations. The right partner can help you get the most out of your resources by taking over tedious and time-consuming tasks such as contact list management, lead research, script development, and more. 

The outsourced agency will have processes in place for acquiring leads, going through lists (such as webinar attendees) and reporting to you on their progress on campaigns with reporting.

Scalability as your business grows

Outsourcing cold calling can be an effective way to grow a business and increase scalability rapidly. If you need to increase the number of outbound calls or require people to follow up with prospects, then you can leave this with the external sales team for them to make calls before passing these on to your sales reps.

Outsourcing can ensure that you have sales reps on hand when you need to make a large volume of calls. You do not need to hire a team of cold callers in-house – the service provider will take care of that for you.

By taking advantage of the resources available through a B2B agency, your sales team can focus on prospects further down the funnel and spend time with their customers.

Resonate can make cold calls on behalf of your sales team

At Resonate, we specialise in enabling the success of B2B sales organisations. We have a team of Sales Development Representatives that can make cold calls on your behalf to accelerate the sales process. We help develop the sales strategy and create an associated plan that converts the strategy to execution so your organisation can get predictable revenue over the coming quarters and years.

We also provide ongoing advisory and consulting services to ensure your strategy and plan become a reality. We focus on helping the sales organisation achieve its target and meet targets predictably and consistently. For more on our cold calling services and other capabilities, please visit our Sales solutions page.