What is the cost of ‘going dormant’ as a sales professional?

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I am specifically referring to reduced sales activity in times of lockdown. Few salespeople are achieving (or over-achieving) output goals right now. Face to face meetings are off the table, of course: phone activity and virtual meetings have not lifted in line.

Does it matter how active we are? If most customers are not moving forward with new purchases this quarter, then why bother with the activity? Far better to give them some space and understanding, and wait for “things to rebound”, some will say.

On the contrary: the “rebound” which people are waiting on won’t necessarily happen. We will need to MAKE it happen.

Yes, some things have changed forever. You might have lost some top accounts to the crisis: these companies might (or not) recover. You will have to find business elsewhere.

Yes, you WILL find it harder to sell, if you belong to the majority of businesses impacted by COVID.

No, inaction will not get you, your business, or our economy as a whole out of a slump.

Get up and put your shoulder to the wheel! Make the activity happen. Make it count.

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Joe was Resonate’s first employee, and is now our GM, head of Business Development, and leads our Sales Solutions business unit.

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