Why you must partner with a B2B cold calling service in 2023

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I firmly believe that cold calling drives real results for B2B firms. It is an incredibly effective way to connect with prospects, secure meetings, and grow your business – whether you are a start-up, mid-sized firm or an enterprise.

Many people today are dredging up reasons why salespeople should stop cold calling. Some people think it is old-fashioned, that it does not work or that we now have various alternatives such as LinkedIn messaging. Some believe that inbound marketing is the best way to secure leads. I disagree; cold calling provides the ability to reach out directly to potential customers without relying on organic growth from marketing channels.

You might protest that you do not have the resources to facilitate cold calling. Your sales team are already busy enough working with inbound leads and existing customers. Perhaps you are simply unsure of where to start. If either of these is the case, here are eight reasons you should partner with a B2B cold calling services firm in 2023:

1. Make your sales function more cost-effective

Keeping cold calling in-house can be a costly endeavour. If you want to expand your team, you will need to account for more full-time salaries, training a new team and the software costs to cover what you need. When outsourcing cold calling, you pay a monthly fee for a fully-equipped expert team focused on reaching out to your prospects cold. Outsourced cold calling lets your sales team focus on more pressing tasks, such as presentations and closing sales.

2. A personalised approach to cold calling

When cold calling is not working, there could be myriad reasons why. It might not work if you stick to rigid scripts and email templates. Outsourced cold callers can take a personalised approach to their prospecting efforts with an effective sales call plan that allows them to respond fluidly and adapt to the conversations as they occur. By leveraging customer data, these firms can provide warm leads that are more likely to convert into paying customers. Additionally, by customising the email and sales scripts to each prospect, they can ensure that the message resonates with the target audience, making it more likely for them to take action.

3. Gain insights your internal team might miss

Bringing in another opinion and a set of fresh eyes can help you gain insights or find opportunities that your in-house team may have overlooked or not come across. Cold callers can essentially gather feedback on why propsects do not want to buy or if a specific value proposition does not compel people.  

4. Work with experts that understand your business

The sales development representatives (SDRs) from the outsourced cold-calling firm have deep knowledge of your industry and will commit themselves to becoming familiar with your business and value proposition. SDRs are not merely there to work the phones for you; they will become a part of your sales function as a representative for the business. They will guide initial discovery calls and ensure the lead is the right fit for your business before handing them over to your sales team.

5. Enhance the efficiency of sales

Outsourcing cold calling gives you access to a wide range of experienced and knowledgeable callers who can make many calls daily, follow up on conversations and organise meetings. When you outsource your cold calling efforts, you will benefit from increased customer acquisition rates, improved lead generation, and higher sales conversion rates. Cold calling also allows for more efficient follow-up activities, such as targeted promotions or further customer service initiatives. Furthermore, outsourcing this task allows your sales team to focus on other aspects of the sales process without spending time or resources managing cold calling and the associated administrative tasks.

6. Work with a pool of high-quality leads

You can eliminate the time-consuming legwork associated with identifying and targeting potential customers using an outsourced cold calling service. They will take the time to understand the personas you want to target, source leads, and call through these lists. The leads you receive and meet with will be high-quality and specifically targeted towards your business goals and objectives.

7. Mitigate the number of missed opportunities

Whether a small business or a large enterprise, an outsourced cold calling service can help improve your sales processes and ensure you do not overlook potential customers. Cold calling with an experienced team of callers allows you to avoid the common pitfalls of calling prospects, such as poor lead qualification and skipped opportunities. As cold calling is what they do day in and day out, they are skilled at handling first calls and engaging the prospect.

8. Boost your long-term growth

Outsourced cold calling can support long-term business growth by increasing your sales cadence. A cold calling firm will commit to you a set number of calls made and several meetings to be had off the back of these calls. When you have a steady cadence of outbound calling and meetings made, your chances of closing new business increases, and you will see growth as your client base expands. 


Partnering with a B2B cold calling service in 2023 can give your business a significant advantage in today’s highly competitive and rapidly evolving marketplace. By leveraging the expertise and resources of a professional cold calling service, you will see an increased ability to generate high-quality leads, qualify prospects, and drive revenue growth. In addition, outsourcing cold calling can free up valuable time and resources that your sales team can allocate towards other critical areas of their operations. As the B2B landscape continues to evolve, partnering with a reputable and reliable cold calling service can be essential for sustained success in 2023 and beyond.

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