Resonate has deep experience building eBooks from cover to cover. From idea generation to distribution, we can transform your thought leadership into a valuable asset that delivers leads.

Our eBook development process includes:

Idea Generation

Do you have an idea for an asset that demonstrates your deep knowledge in a particular subject? Resonate can take your ideation – while bringing some of our own to the table – and flesh it out into eBook chapters. We develop these to ensure their relevance to your customers and potential buyers. Out of ideas? Let us know the outcomes you want, and we will workshop some ideas until we arrive at the ‘right’ concept for your eBook.


The guts of your eBook are the words. Our writing team conducts deep research, writes, and edits the copy to ensure it aligns with your messaging and addresses potential pain points for readers. We bring you in on this process to gather your feedback before finalising the copy and passing it onto our design team. Our longest eBook so far contains more than 10,000 words and spans 74 pages – and has helped deliver hundres of qualified leads.


Your eBook contains original ideation and thought leadership; it needs to also contain original design that captures attention and reinforces your message. Our design team creates each page of your eBook from scratch, with your branding, to incorporate the copy alongside handpicked images. If your eBook requires data to bring it together, our team also designs custom graphs and tables for your reader to peruse.


It is not enough to publish your ebook on your website; your customer base needs to find out about your eBook, download it, and either become a lead for the first time or progress further through your funnel. Resonate execute advertising campaigns, so that your eBook appears at the top of search results when your prospects look up associated keywords – and you capture highly relevant leads while educating them at the same time.

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