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Rebrand, new visual identity, and website delivered from the ground up.

Full-length report on delivering the Modern Workplace to the Australian Community Housing sector.

Case Study exploring how Creative Folks took Wizard Pharmacy on a digital transformation journey

eBook: the Definitive Guide to Workforce Management for the Australian Enterprise in 2020

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Our Blog

Segment B2B audiences for better lead gen

Reading Time: 4 minutes Lead segmentation helps you divide your customers into groups according to various factors, such as age, location, and behaviour. It lays the groundwork for delivering more personalised customer experience by targeting your audience with solutions specific to them, so that they are more likely to make a purchase. Four different types of segmentation Demographic segmentation… Read More »Segment B2B audiences for better lead gen

How To Build A Winning Sales Culture

Reading Time: 5 minutes Pivot to a success-oriented culture Ask a sales manager or leader if they have worked with a successful sales team, and they will say yes. But ask them if they have been able to sustain this high-performance sales culture, and the answer may be different. As a manager and role model, you are responsible for… Read More »How To Build A Winning Sales Culture

How B2B Sales changed in 2020

Reading Time: 2 minutes Think back to how your B2B sales team operated pre-COVID. Face-to-face meetings likely reigned. Most significantly: you probably communicated very differently to how you do now. 2020 disrupted B2B sales as we knew it and became the catalyst to a new approach. As COVID-19 restrictions started spreading far and wide, many physical B2B operations had… Read More »How B2B Sales changed in 2020

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