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You’re not alone. When an existing source of business dries up or a major customer leaves, you need to rethink where your next customer is coming from. That’s where we come in.

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Is Resonate a marketing agency?

We provide marketing services like a high-end Marketing agency does, but we are not a traditional marketing agency that bills by the hour. Resonate works like part of your team, with the responsiveness and flexibility you expect of your internal staff.

What does Business Ignition mean?

Business Ignition is the spark that ignites growth. We chose the name Resonate Business Ignition because we bring new ideas that drive your Sales and Marketing functions, and gives your business momentum.

Do you outsource work to other agencies?

We have a 100% in-house model; the majority of our staff are long-term members of the team and employed full time. Over the years we have worked with other agencies to deliver some projects on rare occasions, but all the services we describe on our website are delivered by our talented team.

How do you work with internal Marketing teams?

All of our customers above a certain size employ an internal Marketing team as well as Resonate. We love working with internal Marketers: we fit in as an extension of their team. Just imagine going from being a team of 2 or 3 to having access to a dev and design team, a copywriting team, a search team, a marketing automation team and more… which marketer would say no to that?

Will I need to spend a lot of time briefing Resonate?

Simple answer: no, you won’t have to invest very much time briefing the Resonate team. We take care to discover a lot of details about your business in the early stages of our relationship and we keep on top of changes in your business and industry thereafter. We work with a lot of highly niche firms and we love doing something a little more difficult, but we don’t become a drag on you or your time.

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