Strategy for a strong foundation

Our strategy services are designed for executives and business owners who want to achieve significant growth.

Our strategy services

Resonate provides strategy services that are right in the ‘Goldilocks zone’ for Australian B2B firms. We have the expertise you expect from Tier 1 consultants, focused on the challenges that impact a business of your nature and scale.

Strategy as a Service

You almost certainly compete with larger businesses who employ full-time strategists in-house. Retain our strategists through our Strategy as a Service, and access ongoing input into your strategy and decision-making. Our offering is structured around your business and your goals as an executive, whether they be transformation, growth, or even a successful exit.

Seminars and Workshops

We deliver workshops, seminars and webinars for leadership and management teams who want to take a new strategic direction. Our topics include Product / Service Strategy, Competitive Strategy, Future of Work, and Strategic Thinking. Our workshops might be part of a consulting engagement with us, or a standalone exercise to educate and develop your team.

Advisory and Consulting

Resonate consultants are available for advisory and consulting sessions where your strategy needs to be formulated over a shorter footprint of time. We normally recommend short sessions spread over a number of days or weeks. Our consulting engagements usually culminate in a written strategy we assist you in formulating.

Strategic Models and Frameworks

Resonate draws from existing strategic models and frameworks in our engagements, such as PESTEL, the Growth Share Matrix by BCG, and SWOT analyses. We have also written our own framework, SPECK.

SPECK stands for Strategy, People, Execution, Cash, and Knowledge. We find the SPECK model useful as most challenges a business faces falls into one or more of these five areas. Resonate uses the SPECK framework to examine your business through two alternating lenses: one of pain, and one of vision.

We examine strategic pains such as conflicting priorities in a leadership team, under-investment in an area of your business, or inability to scale the business. Through the vision lens we explore opportunities such as entering a new market, buying or building a new organisational capability, or developing a strategic partnership.

People-related pains we commonly address include high employee turnover rates, inability to secure talent, and long ramp-up time for new staff. Developing leadership bench strength, investing in a structured learning program, and pivoting to a matrixed organisational structure are some vision-first examples Resonate gets involved in.

Execution pain frequently comes from strategic priorities not being executed, business units being out of sync, and employees lacking clear and realistic goals and expectations. We address these pains but also look at preventing execution issues by developing a RACI matrix, establishing a daily metrics framework, and building a Stop | Start | Continue framework for your organisation.

Cash pains have faced most businesses, from receivables not being paid on time, to lumpy cashflow where inflow doesn’t match spending, to lack of access to finance or other external capital. Resonate work with you proactively to refine your Sales vs Delivery vs Billing vs Payment cycle, create set plays to elongate cash runway, and where necessary, document a cash-raising protocol.

We find Knowledge related pains often remain dormant. For example – organisational IP residing with one or two people is not a problem until they both quit. Our vision lens guides you in establishing a formal knowledge transfer program, developing a learning repository, and building a KAIZEN mindset to increase knowledge building and sharing.

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