Do you have prospects that engage with your brand but don’t buy straight away? Automation is the process of targeting communications – typically emails – at specific customers to nurture them until they are ready to purchase.

Our automation offering works like this:

Planning workflows

We examine what emails to send and in what order. Workflows can be as simple as sending an email to the customer every few days, showing them more content; they can be as complex as sending certain emails to customers after interacting with a specific link.

Personalising the nurture

Automated emails are about creating a conversation with the customer. The first email should be purely introductory, and the following emails will guide them through the workflow until they finish it. If a customer did not engage with the email, we make sure that they receive a follow-up with other resources that might be what they are looking for at the moment.

Managing the nurture process

Prospects might first engage with your brand in a few ways; they might download an asset, connect with you on LinkedIn, or attend an event that you hosted. We set up the workflows to begin after the customer triggers them after interacting with your brand. The email’s content will be specific to this interaction to keep the conversation going.

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