Sales that sustains growth

We specialise in enabling business-to-business sales organisations to succeed. We primarily work with sales leaders who are devising a new go-to-market for a high-value product or service that is being procured by an enterprise or government buyer.

Our Sales solutions include both high construct advice and planning, as well as ongoing, practical services that ensure your plans make it all the way to execution.


Sales Strategy

Our service includes planning each quarter from a Sales perspective in line with organisational strategy. This includes looking at your product or service roadmap and planning what needs to be done now, to have the right revenues in 12 months time.


Sales CRM

Our solution includes creating HubSpot Sales CRM* dashboards, analytics and other insights for the business ownership to easily see how their sales team is performing. We prepare reports based on this data to allow the business to accurately forecast revenue.


Pipeline management

Each salesperson under our management is responsible for adding a specific number of new opportunities into the pipeline each week. We analyse these opportunities; help the team estimate their value appropriately; and ensure it remains clean and up-to-date.


Training and Coaching

We deliver a number of purpose-built courses designed for high performing B2B sales teams, delivered either over a few hours or a day. Aside from group sessions, we deliver one-on-one coaching for sales leaders and execs.


Sales Recruitment

We advertise for high quality sales talent under your own brand, screen the applicants based on our experience, and partner with you in the interview process to reduce your risk and ensure you are able to hire the best talent available in the market.


Deal Guidance

We get involved in guiding your play on high-value deals. Our method includes evaluating the estimated profit and likelihood win vs cost of sale, providing a bid / no-bid recommendation. If the recommendation is to proceed with the bid, we deal-coach all the way to close.

*Resonate is a HubSpot agency.

We recommend HubSpot for any B2B sales team that wants to be productive and have complete data easy to hand.