Events are an ideal place to bring together your customers, business partners, and prospects. It is an opportunity for your brand to connect with other thought-leaders and bring your expertise to the table.

Our team have deep experience managing events, including:


A successful event first requires many parts to come together. You need to decide on the speakers at your event, hone in on your topic, and create a landing page complete with registration forms. These are all activities that Resonate has experience implementing. We can get the ball rolling on your event and ensure that everything you need to make it successful comes together.


Getting registrations and ensuring those customers attend is the bread and butter of your event. This all starts with effective event promotion. We leverage several methods, the first being an email invitation to your existing customers or prospects inviting them to register. Then we take it beyond customers on your mailing list and promote your event via social media, complete with design, copy, and event pages.


You need the right materials for your speakers (and yourself) on the day. We can help you coordinate presentations, set up surveys and provide your attendees with necessary resources pre-event. If a virtual event is in the cards, then we can set you up on the right digital platform and test it to make sure your event runs smoothly on the day.


The event may be over, but there is still a lot left to do. Webinar recordings make excellent lead generation assets that we edit and upload as videos to your site. Do you want your customers’ opinions on the event? We can send out an email prompting them to tell us what they thought and what they might like to see next time.

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