Drive sustainable growth with Strategy as a Service.

Strategy as as Service

Fostering resilience and growth through strategic agility.

Our Strategy as a Service offering combines the depth of consulting with the flexibility of continuous engagement, allowing us to act as your external strategic arm. We work alongside your team to continuously monitor market trends, assess competitive dynamics, and refine strategic initiatives in real time. By embedding our strategic expertise into your operations, we ensure your business remains agile, proactive, and primed for growth. Strategy as a Service enables adaptability and resilience within your organisation to enable growth.

Why Strategy as a Service is essential for your business.

Strategy as as Service

What our Strategy as a Service includes.

Strategy as as Service

Ongoing Strategic Advisory

Regular strategic sessions to align on goals, review progress, and adjust plans based on current business and market conditions.

Strategy as as Service

Market and Competitive Intelligence

Continuous monitoring of market trends, competitive moves, and emerging opportunities to inform strategic decisions.

Strategy as as Service

Strategic Initiative Management

Guidance and support in executing strategic initiatives, ensuring alignment with overall business objectives.

Strategy as as Service

Change Management and Organisational Alignment

Supporting your team through strategic changes, ensuring seamless adoption and minimal disruption.

Strategy as as Service

Innovation Workshops

Regular workshops to ideate and explore new growth avenues, technologies, and business models.

Strategy as as Service

Customised Reporting and Communication

Tailored reporting to keep stakeholders informed and engaged with the strategic journey.

“76% of business leaders find it challenging to adapt their strategy quickly.”

(Source: Accenture)

Strategy as as Service
Strategy as as Service

Navigating the path to growth with strategic agility.

The Challenge
A tech company faced rapid market changes and increased competition, making maintaining a relevant and effective strategic direction difficult.

The Resonate Solution
By adopting our Strategy as a Service, the company gained a dedicated partner in continuous strategic planning and execution. Our team provided ongoing insights and adjustments to their strategy, ensuring it aligned with evolving market conditions and company goals.

The Results
This proactive approach allowed the company to quickly capitalise on new opportunities, mitigate risks more effectively, and maintain a competitive edge. The transformation into a more agile, insight-driven organisation led to sustained growth, increased market share, and reinforced industry leadership.

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Our Strategy Services deliver impactful business results. We cater to all your needs, from Strategy Advisory and Consulting that guides you through complex decisions to customised Strategy Development for actionable planning. Our Strategy Training equips your team with the necessary tools for effective strategy execution, while Strategy as a Service ensures you have ongoing strategic insight and support.

Strategy as as Service

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