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B2B email campaigns are still one of the most effective ways to educate your audience and nurture the leads in your funnel. You need to get engagement right to make this a reality. Below are some tried and tested methods that we leverage here at Resonate:

1. Educate your prospects rather than selling to them

People dislike feeling like you are forcing promotional emails on them. Too many generic emails from your end is a great way to reduce B2B email campaign engagement. You are better off presenting your emails in a way that educates your market instead of selling to them.

Delineate what you can do for your clients to ensure maximum B2B email campaign engagement. Instead of telling your email subscribers why your product or service is great, show them how it can solve their most pressing pain points.

We can roughly group pain points into one of these four categories:

  • Productivity pain points: Your prospects waste too much time and effort with the products or services they are currently leveraging. They are looking for solutions that will increase efficiency and productivity.
  • Financial pain points: Your prospective customers are spending too much money with their current providers or products. They want to cut back on their expenditure.
  • Support pain points: Your customers are not receiving sufficient assistance during the buying process and while using a product or service.
  • Process pain points: These are areas where customers want to improve sub-optimal internal processes.

Once you understand a potential customer’s pain points, you can target them with specific messaging. If a customer feels like your email offers them solutions to their pain points, they are more likely to engage with your B2B email campaign.

2. Hone your brand’s voice through personalisation

For your B2B email campaign to succeed, you need to create a relationship with the customer. The key to creating this relationship is personalisation.

Personalised emails have a 29% higher opening rate than non-personalised emails. A prospective customer is more likely to engage with an email addressing them by their first name than a one-size-fits-all generic email.

How can you personalise your brand’s emails? Here are a few elements to consider:

  • Relevancy: Make sure your email body is succinct. Ensure that what you are sending is relevant to your subscriber. Straightforward content is more likely to keep their attention.
  • Timeliness: Is your email coming at the right time in your customer’s buying journey? For example, a customer just purchased from your business for the first time. You could send them a welcome email, along with details of their purchase and some related products they can look at. It’s a sure-fire way of making the customer feel valued and understood.
  • Person-to-person communication: People are more likely to trust an email coming from a person than an entire company. Send them emails from a person in your company with a photo attached.

3. Maintain consistency with email campaign schedules and workflows

Maintaining a regular schedule of personalised emails is hard work. This is where email marketing automation comes in: automation allows you to send individually personalised emails to customers and prospects, without having to think about every email that goes out. It enables you to send different kinds of appropriate communications either on a schedule or when a customer meets specific conditions.

Email automation has quite a few benefits, including the following:

  • Improves marketing efficiency: It saves you the hassle of creating and sending new personalised emails every time a lead or customer shows interest in your brand, makes a purchase, and so forth. You can schedule campaigns for future execution, which frees up time for you to do other tasks.
  • Accelerates lead nurture and conversion: Over 60 percent of customers prefer an email as a contact method. Email marketing automation ensures that you instantly communicate with leads and customers to nurture business relationships and convert leads with little effort. The software also combines the lead’s behavioural data with lead scoring, giving you a clearer picture of their needs and preferences.
  • Increases transactions and ROI: Email automation software enables businesses to send timely, highly personalised emails to subscribers, so you can easily create a one-on-one relationship with your leads. This allows you to communicate your value and convince subscribers to make a purchase. The data generated throughout your B2B email campaigns will streamline your sales pitching process with the lead and measuring this data allows you to take a revenue-focused approach to your email campaigns.

4. Reach more prospects on mobile

Mobile interactions drive more than 40% of revenue in B2B organisations. Mobile is becoming increasingly important in B2B marketing; in fact, 50% of all B2B search queries today occur on smartphones. Users now open their emails on various devices – from smartphones and tablets to desktops and laptops. You have to ensure your content is mobile responsive to ensure everyone receives the same high-quality content. This means it should automatically adjust dimensions, settings, and features for the best performance on each device accessing it.

If your emails are not mobile responsive, you are jeopardising your B2B email campaign engagement. Customers are simply unwilling to put up with emails with imperfect designs, illegible fonts, or poor image scaling.

Responsive email design generally has higher engagement rates than non-responsive design. By removing the challenges of adapting to a different version of your content, B2B email responsiveness makes it easier for users to find relevant information in your emails; that is one step closer to making a purchase.

Resonate can implement B2B email campaigns for your brand

We are a B2B marketing and sales agency with robust experience in engineering email campaigns. We can manage your campaign end-to-end, from refining your core messaging to delivering leads. Please get in touch with us to learn more about what we can help you achieve.

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