Do you have content to support every stage of the buyer journey?

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When a business purchases one of your products or services, they have put deep consideration and thought into their decision. Behind their purchase are several hours of reading, comparing and discussing what you have to offer. Your content has played a large role in leading them to their decision.

You might already know you need content to sell your products or services. But what kind of content should you create? Aligning it with the buyer journey is a good place to start.

The Awareness Stage – Recognising the problem

Your prospect or customer has become aware of a problem or a need that they have. They want more information on solutions and have started trawling search engines and social media to learn more. What they want are options to inform their decision.

Content for the Awareness stage

Blogs are an excellent resource for people in the Awareness stage because they allow someone to learn more about a common problem and possible solutions. A blog targeted at someone in the Awareness stage should not cover specific products or be too technical. Your reader only wants introductory information to begin their research; they are not looking to purchase today.

Videos are an excellent option for reaching people at this stage. Similarly to blogs, people might watch several videos to gain more clarity on their problems and common solutions. Videos work for people who dislike reading or simply prefer video. Visual aids and demonstrations also might help some people understand their problem  and the solutions.

Social media posts allow you to reach a wide audience and engage people that may have missed your blogs or videos. They are a great way to start a conversation and become more familiar with your prospects’ pain points. For example, someone commenting on your post might share a pain point or perspective you had not considered previously. You can then use this to create more content for the Awareness stage.

The Consideration Stage – Searching for the solution

The Consideration stage is when your prospects actively consider their options and research what they need to do to solve their problem. The goal of your content at this stage is to help your prospects understand their options. You will want to identify any questions they might have and address these.

Content for the Consideration stage

Whitepapers are an excellent way to nurture leads and help them move further down the buyer’s journey. Whitepapers can build trust and credibility by providing in-depth, valuable information about your product or service.

eBooks are a great way to give potential customers the information they need before purchasing. An eBook offers in-depth information about a particular topic and allows you to explore it in more detail than a blog allows.

Webinars can provide people with an in-depth look at your product or service. They enable you to answer any questions potential customers may have, which can further aid in their decision-making process. Additionally, webinars can be recorded and made available for on-demand viewing, so even if someone cannot attend the live event, they can still learn more about what you offer. 

The Decision Stage – Making the purchase

At the Decision stage, buyers are ready to make a purchase and are looking for that last confirmation that they have made the right choice. Your content here should provide more in-depth detail about the product or service and address any objections the buyer might have.

Content for the Decision stage

Case studies are beneficial to the Decision stage of the buyer journey as they provide detailed information about how a product or service has helped others in a similar situation. When people can see how the product has positively affected others, it increases their confidence in your brand.

Client testimonials can be powerful in convincing someone to choose your product or service. Potential customers often seek online reviews and testimonials from past clients when considering a purchase. Testimonials serve as social proof that you are a reputable company with satisfied customers.

Product overviews are the perfect way to learn about all of the features and benefits that a product has to offer. By providing an overview of a product, buyers can make informed decisions about whether or not it is the right fit for their needs.

Resonate can align your content with the buyer journey

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