Don’t start a B2B PR campaign without reading this

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Public Relations (PR) is a potent tool for tech companies in Australia. It enables the strategic positioning of your brand, boosts sales, and attracts investors when it is time for an exit strategy. However, jumping into a PR campaign without proper preparation can lead to challenges.

So, here is a vital question for founders and business leaders of B2B firms: “How well are you utilising PR to market your business?”. This blog is a must-read if you are uncertain or have yet to explore PR’s potential fully. I will delve into the essential elements of a successful B2B PR campaign. From understanding your target audience to leveraging data, I will provide the guidance you need to navigate the PR world effectively.

Don't start a B2B PR campaign without reading this

Tailor your message to your buyer personas

In B2B PR, one of the most crucial aspects for success is tailoring your message to suit your specific audience. It is vital to consider your audience as a diverse group of individuals, each with their unique needs and preferences. Each of your personas will have different priorities and concerns. Your PR message should resonate with them individually. For example, financial officers may be more interested in cost efficiency, while CEOs focus on strategic growth. By tailoring your PR content to address each persona’s specific needs and pain points, you will more likely capture their attention and build a meaningful connection with your brand.

Don't start a B2B PR campaign without reading this

Conduct competitive analysis

Monitor your competition’s media coverage and marketing campaigns and analyse their strengths and weaknesses. What kind of stories are they sharing, and where are they getting featured in the media? By scrutinising their approach, you can find valuable insights. For instance, if you are a mid-sized tech company in Australia, and your competitors target the same audience, you can spot areas where your PR campaign can be effective.

If your competitors are active on social media but lack a strong presence in industry publications, this learning can guide your PR efforts toward securing essential features in those publications. Competitive analysis allows you to uncover untapped opportunities and use that knowledge to shape a winning PR strategy for your business.

Utilise your organisation’s thought leaders and subject matter experts

Your internal experts hold a wealth of knowledge about customer needs and industry trends. These internal experts are invaluable assets as they understand the intricacies of your products and are well-versed in your target audience’s requirements. Leveraging their expertise can lead to compelling media pitches, insightful interviews, and engaging blog posts, bridging the gap between your organisation and your audience and establishing trust and credibility.

Don't start a B2B PR campaign without reading this

Generate data and statistics

It is vital to harness the power of data and statistics to boost your PR efforts. To create compelling PR content and generate newsworthy data reports and statistics. Your internal data or data study provider can be instrumental in this regard. These reports grab attention and can establish your authority in the industry.

Using reputable data sources to validate your narrative adds credibility to your PR campaign. Data-driven content engages your audience and positions your brand as a trusted industry leader. Leveraging data and statistics is the key to making a lasting impact.

Don't start a B2B PR campaign without reading this

Set clear and measurable goals

Defining precise and measurable objectives is crucial to keep your efforts on track and ensure you realise the benefits of your PR efforts.

Establish concrete goals such as increasing website traffic, improving landing page conversions, growing your email subscriptions, and generating more inbound leads. The key is to create objectives that you can track and measure effectively.

Consider outsourcing PR

Outsourcing can be a strategic move for businesses seeking expertise and a broader reach. By collaborating with experts, you can tap into their wealth of experience, industry knowledge, and extensive media connections. This partnership often results in increased media coverage, improved brand visibility, and a more effective PR campaign.


Public Relations success hinges on strategic preparation and execution. PR is an invaluable tool for mid-sized tech companies in Australia, offering the means to position your brand strategically, boost sales, and attract investors when the timing is right. However, diving headfirst into a PR campaign without careful planning can lead to failed campaigns. Tailoring your message, conducting competitive analysis, tapping into your internal experts, and utilising data and statistics are vital. Setting clear, measurable goals and considering outsourcing a strategic option can further enhance your PR efforts. Thorough preparation is the key to realising the full potential of your PR campaign and positioning your brand for increased visibility, credibility, and success in the B2B landscape.

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