10 ways to improve your organisation’s LinkedIn play

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LinkedIn is a powerful tool that businesses of any size can leverage to showcase their thought leadership, case studies, eBooks, events and company culture. It is a platform that allows you to bring together many elements of your business and create one place for people to learn more about you – in this way, it serves a similar function as your website.

Yet, some of the leaders I speak with feel uncertain about the viability of LinkedIn as a lead-generating platform, or they voice their concerns about the best way to leverage it. You, too, might be asking, ‘What should we write about? What types of posts drive engagement? What does a LinkedIn presence achieve?’

Show your expertise with thought leadership

Thought leadership posts make powerful content because they provide a way to share your ideas and demonstrate your expertise in your industry. These posts are a change from simply discussing your products or services. They enable you to connect with prospects, clients and other professionals in your network, allowing you to build your reputation as an expert in your field. You can attribute thought leadership on the company page to key figures in the business to demonstrate the business leaders’ expertise.

Promote the leaders in your company

The leaders in your company are the people collaborating with clients and selling to prospects, so they must have a place in your LinkedIn content so others can see their expertise. When you publish posts and articles authored by the leadership team, you demonstrate and validate their professional brand and give the post a more personal touch.

10 ways to improve your organisation's LinkedIn play

Humanise your brand with company posts

LinkedIn is an excellent platform to demonstrate your company culture and write about your achievements. As business today takes place largely in digital mediums, it is ideal that you showcase the human elements of your company. For example, a simple post about new hires helps your prospects and clients see the faces behind the work you deliver and gives job applicants a window into your culture.

10 ways to improve your organisation's LinkedIn play

Share content from other sources

Many companies on LinkedIn already focus on sharing content about their products, services and research. While such content holds value, it is essential that you also share content from other sources that you find interesting or pertinent. Let’s say a company releases some research relevant to your industry. You might like to share their work and add your perspective to demonstrate your thought leadership and expertise further.

10 ways to improve your organisation's LinkedIn play

Post carousels for an interactive element

Carousels are an interactive method for structuring your thought leadership pieces and engaging your audience on LinkedIn. They are a great method of sharing lists as they encourage people to scroll through the carousel to read each point. If you show multiple pieces of content in one post, they can be a great way to compile company photos, statistics and advice. You can also write a blurb positioning the content in the carousel or let it speak for itself.

10 ways to improve your organisation's LinkedIn play

Ask your audience their opinion with polls

LinkedIn polls are a great way to get feedback from your clients, prospects and other professionals. Asking for opinions opens discussions about product ideas, personal preferences, market changes or research. LinkedIn polls are also great for starting conversations and engaging with your followers. Posting a poll gives your followers a chance to share their thoughts and opinions on a particular topic. This can help you better understand your customers and what they think.

Create short videos to captivate audiences

When promoting your professional brand, video is a potent tool. Posting videos on LinkedIn can help you achieve several different goals. You might leverage video to make text-based posts more eye-catching on someone’s feed, use part of an interview or showcase client testimonials to add extra authority to your products and services. Similarly to a carousel, you can also use videos to break up tips (like the example below), statistics, or show many things in a short amount of time.

10 ways to improve your organisation's LinkedIn play

Drive engagement with event registration posts

LinkedIn is an excellent platform for promoting events to drive registration and interest. You can build a page for your event so that attendees can join and receive notifications and posts specific to that group. Even if you are not hosting the event on LinkedIn, these pages are an excellent medium for sharing information with attendees and attracting more people. Posting about the event to the followers on your company page enables more people to become aware of the event and register. 

Publish articles for readers preferring long-form content

Posting articles to the personal LinkedIn pages of the business’ leaders or the company page enables people to engage with your long-form content. It may seem like more effort to start writing blogs for LinkedIn, but if you have a company blog, there is already a lot of long-form content you can bring to LinkedIn without putting in more effort. Like posting blogs on your website or thought leadership pieces on LinkedIn, articles build your credibility and authority in your industry.

10 ways to improve your organisation's LinkedIn play

Post about your eBooks to drive more downloads

You put a lot of time and effort into writing and publishing your eBooks. If you leave it to organic search and an email blast, you limit the number of people that see and download them. LinkedIn is an excellent platform for promoting your eBooks, not just to spread the word but also to demonstrate how deeply your expertise runs. LinkedIn posts and articles can only show so much expertise in 100 or 1,000 words, but an eBook demonstrates the depth and breadth of your knowledge.

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