Marketing to tech-savvy professionals is an endeavour that requires in-depth expertise and insight, especially as the technology landscape quickly evolves. At Resonate, we specialise in navigating the intricate landscape of the tech industry, providing effective B2B marketing strategies tailored to the unique needs of IT services companies, technology service providers, IT Managed Service Providers, and SaaS Vendors.

One of the significant challenges tech companies face is marketing their solutions in a way that connects with their audience and stands out from the crowd. In this blog, I will discuss our unique approach to this challenge – putting the problem first, a strategy that has proven to be a key element in successful tech marketing that resonates (sorry, I could not resist) with the audience.

Understanding the tech audience

The typical tech buyer is analytical, discerning, and driven by the need to resolve operational challenges and optimise processes. They constantly face a myriad of issues ranging from cyber security threats to data management to software integration, to name a few. Their motivations revolve around not just obtaining a solution, but finding one that fits their specific needs, integrates seamlessly into their existing systems, and provides a clear return on investment. But like anyone conducting research, they do not know the best solution to their problem, or it would be a quick fix and not much of a problem, to begin with! They are, of course, well versed in the pain points they experience and often resort to deep googling sessions or trawling Reddit or social media with these problems to seek potential answers. While this commonplace practice is the norm, far too many marketers overlook it when promoting services and solutions and focus on showcasing their offerings’ excellent benefits and fancy features rather than taking the time to consider the challenge-driven focus of their potential customers.

The importance of empathy in marketing

When dealing with the tech audience, empathy is not just desirable – it’s essential. By placing the ‘problem’ first, marketers can demonstrate a deep understanding of their customer’s pain points, creating a strong emotional connection and ultimately ensuring they provide an ideal starting point for a potential customer doing the research in their time of need. This approach portrays the business as an ally that understands its challenges rather than just another vendor selling a solution. Every business shouts across the digital landscape about how their product is fantastic and the answer to ALL your needs, but very few seem to take the approach of empathetically understanding the problems.

Identifying and articulating pain points

At Resonate, our approach involves deep research and active listening to our clients and their customers. Every situation is different, and it is crucial to take the time to understand the unique challenges experienced by various industries and organisations of all shapes and sizes to understand the value a solution delivers to each of them. By studying industry trends, customer feedback, and market analyses, we identify and articulate the pain points that resonate most with the target audience. This careful attention to detail is crucial in tailoring marketing messages that truly hit home.

Crafting problem-centric messaging

Once we identify the pain points, we craft marketing messages that revolve around these issues. This problem-centric approach engages the audience by highlighting their challenges and showing a clear understanding of their situation. It paves the way for a more engaging conversation, builds trust, and positions our clients as problem solvers who genuinely understand their business needs and the best path forward.

Empathetic content creation

With a clear understanding of the audience’s challenges, we create content that underlines our empathy towards their situation. This could be in the form of blog posts, use cases, whitepapers, case studies, or interactive content like quizzes and surveys. The goal is to demonstrate our deep understanding of their situation and position our clients as trusted advisors through the channel and content format that matches the potential customer’s preferences.

Navigating the path to solutions

Understanding the problem is just the first step. We use this insight to help our clients present their solutions effectively. By already being entrenched in the audience’s challenges, the transition to introducing a product or service that addresses these issues becomes seamless. This empathetic approach influences the decision-making process, making it easier for the audience to see our client’s offering as the solution they need and our client as the ideal partner to lead them forward in resolving their challenges.

Measuring success

The success of our problem-centric marketing campaigns is not left to guesswork or gauging the ‘vibes’ of the customers and prospects we engage with. It is measured using a range of metrics and KPIs, from customer engagement rates to conversion ratios. We have found that this approach leads to tangible results, including improved customer satisfaction, increased sales, and positive ROI for our tech clients.


I cannot overstate the importance of taking a ‘problem’ first approach in tech marketing. By understanding and empathising with the challenges faced by tech buyers, identifying and articulating their pain points, and crafting problem-centric messages, we can engage the audience more effectively. Coupled with empathetic content creation, this approach allows us to tell compelling success stories, navigate the path to solutions seamlessly, and measure success effectively. At Resonate, we believe the key to successful tech marketing is understanding and addressing your customers’ problems first. This is the path to building meaningful relationships and achieving marketing success in the tech industry.

Partner with Resonate for your tech marketing needs

At Resonate, we specialise in tech marketing that puts the ‘problem’ first. Our unique approach involves deeply understanding the challenges faced by tech buyers, crafting problem-centric messaging, and creating empathetic content that resonates with your audience. We build trust, position your business as a problem solver, and deliver measurable results, including improved customer satisfaction, increased sales, and positive ROI. Contact us to discuss how we can help you provide marketing solutions that meet your customer’s needs. You can also visit our Marketing services page for more on what we do.

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