5 Skills for the Modern B2B Sales Leader

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The B2B buyer behaviour has changed. The B2B buying process has changed. It is safe to say that the B2B buyer has changed.

This change in buyer behaviour has compelled a change in the B2B sales approach. Over the recent years, a plethora of literature has focused on what skills are required of modern sales professionals. Not as much has been scribed about the skills the modern buyer is demanding from sales leaders.

Traditionally, Sales Leaders have required skills such as sales skills (over the phone and in meetings), communication skills (verbal, written, presentations etc.), emotional intelligence, interpersonal skills, teamwork, critical thinking, creativity, problem-solving skills, to name a few.

But are these skills enough today? As Digital Transformation disrupts and shapes all industries and functions, what digital skills do B2B sales leaders need to take their transformation efforts to the next level? As the B2B buying landscape changes incrementally each quarter and sales forces adopt social and digital tactics, what skills does the modern B2B sales leader need to remain relevant?

The following infographic combines insights from Salesforce, Forrester and McKinsey to educate how today’s business leaders can set themselves up for success amid the digital disruption.

5 Skills for the Modern B2B Sales Leader

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