The three essential traits of a transformative leader

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A question to business leaders – Would you say with complete confidence that you are a transformative leader? In my experience, business leaders who are transformative display the following behaviours:

  • They take premeditated and precise decisive action quickly: You likely already have a baseline transformation program in place. Now build on the baseline. Take bolder, premeditated steps to ensure long-term organisational success.
  • They think like a new CEO: Research indicates that new CEOs usually perform better in transformation initiatives because they can relatively easily take an outsider’s perspective. The novelty of their tenure affords them the flexibility to look at the business through new and transformative lenses.
  • They understand that transformation is a journey with no finishing line: Disruptions in the business landscape arise with consistency and periodicity. It goes with the turf. You cannot think of transformation as a project with a set end date. You must continue creating new goals and stretching your business’ potential to consistently realise the value of transformation.

By leveraging the above traits (and no this is not an exhaustive list), you can take your organisation on a journey of transformation and help position your organisation for long-term sustainability.

Would you say you are a transformative leader? Are you about to embark on a journey of transformation? Have you been in a leadership role for a while and stopped approaching business through a lens of constant improvement?

I help B2B business leaders define or refine their strategies. I provide strategic advice and consulting on various facets of strategy; business strategy, corporate strategy, product/service strategy, functional strategy, go to market, competitive strategy, pricing strategy etc.

My aim is to work with business leaders to help them make sound business decisions. I find more often than not, that the issues businesses face are caused by strategic issues.

If you are starting a new role as a business leader, or you have been with the business for a while, and you are initiating new transformation projects, let’s connect, let’s talk. I have extensive experience in guiding business leaders on transformation and change projects. I look forward to hearing from you.

RK is the CEO & Co-Founder of Resonate.

RK is Resonate’s chief strategist, thought leader, and IT industry veteran. Our clients depend on RK to advise on their business strategy, channel strategy, and sales strategy. 

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