What are the characteristics of an excellent sales team?

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When discussing or writing about B2B sales, we often speak of the characteristics needed in an individual, such as excellent communication, work ethic, interpersonal skills, problem-solving skills, time management, etc. Another area in sales that is just as important is the characteristics of your team; when put together, how well do they function?

Here are a few characteristics that make an excellent sales team:

They are keen learners

An excellent sales team is composed of individuals who are always eager to learn. They have a passion for self-development and improvement, driven by the ambition to be better equipped to handle customer needs and outshine their competitors. They take the initiative and are proactive in staying on top of industry trends, developing new sales strategies, and learning from mistakes. They understand that the more informed they are, the better equipped they are to succeed. 

Moreover, an excellent sales team is not afraid to ask questions and seek answers from those around them and their customers. They gather insights, feedback, and advice to ensure they understand what it takes to close deals. They are willing to embrace new technologies and strategies for maximising sales opportunities. They are open to experimentation and can adapt to stay ahead of their competition.

They collaborate effectively

Collaboration helps sales teams achieve success. It is a crucial factor that enables them to come together and work as one coordinated unit when needed. While the outcomes of the sales team will be the result of individual effectiveness, collaboration enables each team member to access the wisdom and expertise of everyone in the group, so they can achieve things they could not do on their own.

Collaboration allows for better communication, efficient problem-solving, improved coordination of tasks and resources, higher levels of motivation and engagement, and stronger relationships between team members. It also enables teams to leverage their collective knowledge and experience, which can lead to more creative solutions for solving sales problems. 

They maintain accountability

Accountability ensures all team members work diligently, meet goals and expectations, and ultimately provide the best service possible for customers. It also helps ensure that everyone knows their responsibilities and progress towards targets. When accountability is a priority within a sales team, it encourages personal responsibility and fosters a sense of ownership for the team’s success.

Sales teams with accountability will typically have stronger results than those without this emphasis. They tend to make decisions based on data rather than assumptions, as they constantly track their performance against goals. This helps them to identify areas where they may need more support or guidance and to address any performance issues.

They have a strong leader

A strong leader is essential for a successful sales team. A good leader must be able to inspire and motivate their team, set goals, provide training and guidance, and offer support in challenging situations. They need to have the ability to listen carefully, build trust with their team, effectively manage time and resources, and keep everyone focused on achieving their collective goals. 

A sales leader should also be an expert in their field and understand the industry, customer requirements and market trends. They must be able to create strategies to capture new opportunities, build relationships with potential customers, and stay ahead of the competition. They need to have excellent communication skills and be willing to take risks when necessary to reach the desired objectives.

Leadership is an ongoing process and requires a team leader willing to keep learning and adapting their strategies as needed. A successful sales team needs a leader who encourages open communication, provides feedback and recognition for achievements, and sets clear expectations.


Building an effective sales team is essential for any business to succeed. A strong and motivated team of sales professionals can make the difference between success and failure in a highly competitive market. Building an excellent sales team requires more than just hiring great people. Building a culture of learning, collaboration and accountability within the sales team is important. With an effective sales team driving profits and creating long-lasting customer relationships, your business will be well-positioned to succeed in a competitive market.

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