Boost engagement through effective Video content.


Elevate your narrative with Video.

In the digital-first world, Video is essential for B2B companies to guide, educate, and convert prospects throughout the buyer’s journey. Our Video Services deliver impactful videos that bring your solutions to life, demonstrate customer results, and engage your audience through every touchpoint. From initial concepts to the final production, we focus on creating content that boosts your brand’s visibility and effectively communicates your unique value proposition, driving meaningful interactions with your target market.

Why Video matters to your business objectives.


What our Video service includes.


Planning and Filming

Planning and filming video projects, aligning every aspect with your business goals to ensure your message resonates.


Explainer Videos

Break down complex solutions into engaging, easy-to-understand content.


Customer Testimonials

Highlight success stories and the tangible benefits your clients have experienced.


Video Advertising

Enhance your presence and bring your brand to life in the B2B market.


Educational Content

Inform and add value to your audience at every stage of the buyer's journey.


Post Production

Professional editing to ensure the final product is clear, impactful, and ready to engage your target market.

“7 in 10 B2B buyers watch videos throughout their sales journey.”

(Source: Google)


Transforming engagement with Video content.

The Challenge

A B2B tech company struggled to convey its products’ complexity, leading to a disconnect with potential clients.

The Resonate Solution

We developed a series of targeted video content, including explainer videos, customer testimonials, and detailed product demos, designed to clarify the company’s offerings and showcase their value in a relatable manner.

The Results

The company experienced a significant uptick in engagement, with a 40% increase in lead generation and a notable improvement in conversion rates, proving the unmatched power of effective video content in the B2B space.

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Explore our Full-Stack Marketing Services, engineered to enhance conversions and secure a predictable and consistent lead flow. Our comprehensive approach includes precision Advertising, dynamic Content Creation for blogs and social media, and impactful Asset Creation, such as case studies and eBooks.

Our Design capabilities span from websites to engaging digital and print materials, ensuring your brand stands out. With a focus on Digital Selling and strategic SEO, we optimise your online presence for maximum visibility. Our Events management, both virtual and in-person, is designed to engage and convert your audience, completing a full-stack solution that supports your sales objectives.


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