Digital Selling​

Most B2B buyers will never become an inbound lead for you. That doesn’t stop you from taking your solution to highly qualified decision makers in a proactive fashion. We do this with our Digital Selling solution.

Our Digital Selling service includes the following four pillars:

Market Mapping

Almost all your potential buyers can be found online. LinkedIn lists millions of B2B decision makers together with real-time information on what they are interested in, who they are connected to, and what their role and remit is. People put this information online because they want it to be read! We leverage this information as it is intended to be used, to create a real-time map of which buyers are most relevant to you right now.

Initial Outreach

Our highly-trained team help you reach out to the right number of prospective buyers at a regular cadence, ensuring you are introduced to a reasonable number of well-qualified decision makers every week. We are allergic to spam, mass-messaging, and hard selling techniques. We only recommend connecting with people where you can create a two-way value stream for the long term.

Lead Enrichment

Many executives – including most of our customers – are weary of getting incessant cold messages on LinkedIn. We don’t advocate sending anything other than an initial, personalised message. After this, you want to engage your prospects through channels they prefer, such as email or phone. We use GDPR-compliant, publicly-available information that your prospects have shared, to give you avenues for ongoing communication.

Ongoing Nurture

We use our Marketing Automation expertise to create a customisable flow of personalised messages, that provide value-adding resources to your new connections over a period of time. We don’t sell or make offers to your market: we create an environment where your connections are fully aware of you, what you do, and how to contact you when you have a need.

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