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Transform your CRM optimisation with our Consulting and Advisory services.

Sales CRM Consulting and Advisory

Maximise your CRM's potential.

We specialise in transforming CRM systems into strategic assets, aligning them with your sales processes and business goals to enhance efficiency, data integrity, and user adoption. From selecting the right CRM and customising features to fit your workflows to training your team for maximum proficiency, we cover every aspect of turning your CRM into a catalyst for sales success.

Why our Sales CRM Consulting and Advisory is pivotal for your business.

Sales CRM Consulting and Advisory

What our Sales CRM Consulting and Advisory includes.

Sales CRM Consulting and Advisory

CRM Selection and Implementation

Guiding you through the selection of a CRM that best fits your business needs and overseeing its implementation for a smooth transition.

Sales CRM Consulting and Advisory

Customisation and Personalisation

Tailoring the CRM's features and functionalities to match your sales process and team preferences enhances usability and efficiency.

Sales CRM Consulting and Advisory

Data Migration and Integrity

Safely migrating data to your new or updated CRM system, ensuring completeness and accuracy for reliable analytics and reporting.

Sales CRM Consulting and Advisory

User Training and Adoption Strategies

Developing comprehensive training programs and adoption strategies to maximise user comfort and proficiency with the CRM.

Sales CRM Consulting and Advisory

Analytics and Reporting Enhancements

Setting up advanced analytics and customised reporting features to provide actionable insights for sales strategy and performance evaluation.

Sales CRM Consulting and Advisory

System Integration

Seamlessly integrating your CRM with other essential business tools and platforms to ensure a unified and efficient workflow.

“CRM can boost conversion rates by 300%.”

(Source: Finances Online)

Sales CRM Consulting and Advisory
Sales CRM Consulting and Advisory

Elevating business performance with CRM adoption and optimisation.

The Challenge

A tech company struggled with low CRM adoption rates and inefficient sales tracking, hindering their ability to scale and meet sales targets.

The Resonate Solution

Through our Sales CRM Consulting and Advisory service, we re-engineered their CRM system to align with their sales processes, implemented custom features for enhanced usability, and conducted extensive team training to ensure high adoption rates.

The Results

This strategic CRM overhaul significantly improved sales efficiency, data accuracy, and customer engagement. The company experienced a surge in CRM usage, a smoother sales process, and improved reporting capabilities, contributing to a marked increase in sales performance and customer satisfaction.

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Sales CRM Consulting and Advisory

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