Optimise your sales pipeline with SDR as a Service.

SDR as a Service

Transform your lead generation efforts.

We offer a comprehensive sales solution to streamline lead generation and prospecting efforts. Our trained Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) become an extension of your team, employing a mix of strategic outreach, lead qualification, engagement techniques, and meeting booking to fill your sales pipeline with high-quality leads. We tailor our approach to resonate with your business goals, enabling your internal teams to focus on closing deals and fostering customer relationships. 

Why SDR as a Service is essential for your business.

SDR as a Service

What our SDR as a Service includes.

SDR as a Service

Strategic Lead Generation

Custom strategies for identifying and engaging potential leads, using industry-leading tools and techniques.

SDR as a Service

Lead Qualification and Nurturing

Rigorous qualification processes to ensure that only suitable prospects are forwarded to your sales team.

SDR as a Service

Custom Campaign Development

Tailored phone outreach campaigns that resonate with your target audience, crafted by our CEO and SDRs.

SDR as a Service

CRM Integration and Management

Seamless integration with your existing CRM systems for efficient lead management and transparency.

SDR as a Service

Analytics and Reporting

Comprehensive analytics on lead generation performance and detailed reporting to inform strategy and decision-making.

SDR as a Service

Flexible Scaling

Ability to scale the SDR team up or down based on your changing business needs, providing you with flexibility and control.

“27% of sales teams consider the phone as the best single channel to book meetings.”

(Source: Cognism)

SDR as a Service
SDR as a Service

Increasing sales with SDR Expertise.

The Challenge

A tech organisation was grappling with an inconsistent lead flow, resulting in a sporadic sales pipeline and unpredictable revenue streams.

The Resonate Solution

The company transformed its lead generation approach by adopting our SDR as a Service. Our SDR team implemented targeted strategies, engaging with high-value prospects and enriching the sales pipeline with qualified leads. This strategic alignment allowed the internal sales team to dedicate their efforts to nurturing relationships and closing deals.

The Results

The collaboration led to a significant upsurge in lead quantity and quality, with a 40% increase in sales pipeline volume within the first quarter. The enhanced lead generation process contributed to more predictable sales outcomes, higher conversion rates, and a marked improvement in revenue predictability.

Explore our Sales Services designed to optimise your sales funnel full and facilitate closes.

Our Sales services include SDR as a Service to enhance lead generation, paired with strategic Sales Strategy and Pipeline Management. Training and Coaching programs strengthen your team’s capabilities, while Sales Recruitment ensures you have the right talent. Our Sales CRM solutions streamline data and relationship management, and Deal Guidance provides the extra support needed for complex negotiations, offering a cohesive approach to improve sales performance and outcomes.

SDR as a Service

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