Attract and retain high-performing sales talent with our Sales Recruitment services.

Sales Recruitment

Building an effective sales team.

Understanding that the right talent is essential to the success of your sales function, we leverage our extensive network and industry expertise to bring you candidates who not only excel in sales but also fit your company culture and values. From defining the role and requirements to screening and interviewing candidates, we manage the entire recruitment process to ensure you build a high-performing sales team. Partner with us to transform your sales team with talent that drives results and fosters long-term business growth.

Why our Sales Recruitment service is essential to your business.

Sales Recruitment

What our Sales Recruitment service includes.

Sales Recruitment

Talent Sourcing and Screening

Utilising our sourcing techniques to identify potential candidates and conducting thorough screenings to ensure suitability.

Sales Recruitment

Role Definition and Job Profiling

Collaborating with you to define precise role requirements, responsibilities, and success profiles to attract suitable candidates.

Sales Recruitment

Interviewing and Assessment

Conducting in-depth interviews and assessments to evaluate candidates' skills, experience, and cultural fit.

Sales Recruitment

Offer Negotiation and Onboarding Support

Facilitating offer negotiations to secure top talent and providing support to ensure a smooth onboarding process.

Sales Recruitment

Recruitment Strategy Development

Creating a tailored recruitment strategy that aligns with your business objectives and the competitive landscape.

Sales Recruitment

Continuous Communication and Feedback

Maintaining open lines of communication throughout the recruitment process and providing feedback to refine the search criteria as needed.

“Almost half (45 percent) of B2B sales organisations have average turnover rates above 30 percent.”

(Source: SiriusDecisions)

Sales Recruitment
Sales Recruitment

Driving revenue with top sales talent.

The Challenge

A tech startup faced high turnover in its sales department and struggled to meet aggressive growth targets due to a lack of experienced sales professionals.

The Resonate Solution

Our Sales Recruitment service was engaged to overhaul the startup’s recruitment strategy, focusing on attracting high-calibre sales talent with the right mix of experience, drive, and cultural fit. We implemented a comprehensive sourcing, screening, and interviewing process tailored to the startup’s specific needs.

The Results

The new recruitment approach led to the successful hiring of key sales positions, significantly reducing turnover and instilling a new level of dynamism within the team. This strategic infusion of talent enabled the startup to exceed its sales targets, foster a robust sales culture, and establish a strong foundation for its next growth phase.

Explore our Sales Services designed to optimise your sales funnel full and facilitate closes.

Our Sales services include SDR as a Service to enhance lead generation, paired with strategic Sales Strategy and Pipeline Management. Training and Coaching programs strengthen your team’s capabilities, while Sales Recruitment ensures you have the right talent. Our Sales CRM solutions streamline data and relationship management, and Deal Guidance provides the extra support needed for complex negotiations, offering a cohesive approach to improve sales performance and outcomes.

Sales Recruitment

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