Elevate your sales team with Training and Coaching.

Training & Coaching

Transform your sales team's performance.

Utilising a blend of proven training modules, one-on-one coaching sessions, and real-world sales scenarios, we equip your sales team with the skills, strategies, and confidence needed to excel. Our approach actively aligns with your business objectives, equipping your sales team to drive growth and build strong customer relationships. By focusing on practical application and continuous improvement, our approach fosters a culture of excellence within your sales teams.

Why Training and Coaching is crucial for your sales team.

Training & Coaching

What our Training and Coaching service includes.

Training & Coaching

Sales Skill Development

Comprehensive training on core sales skills, from prospecting and lead qualification to closing and post-sale service.

Training & Coaching

Advanced Sales Methods

Introduction to sales methodologies and tools tailored to the B2B market, enhancing strategic thinking and execution.

Training & Coaching

Customised Coaching Sessions

Personalised coaching for sales representatives, focusing on individual strengths and areas for improvement.

Training & Coaching

Sales Process Optimisation

Analysis and refinement of your sales process to improve efficiency, effectiveness, and customer experience.

Training & Coaching

Market Insight and Competitive Strategy

Deep dive into market trends, competitor tactics, and customer insights equip sales teams to position their solutions effectively.

Training & Coaching

Team Building and Collaboration

Activities and workshops designed to enhance teamwork, communication, and alignment within the sales team.

Training & Coaching

Technology and Tools Training

Guidance on leveraging CRM systems, sales automation tools, and data analytics to streamline operations and enhance decision-making.

Training & Coaching

Performance Management and Incentives

Strategies for setting clear performance metrics, providing constructive feedback, and motivating your sales team through effective incentive schemes.

Training & Coaching

Leadership Development

Leadership training for sales managers and executives, emphasising mentorship, team management, and strategic planning.

“A company can improve win rates by as much as 29% with effective sales coaching.”

(Source: TaskDrive)

Training & Coaching
Training & Coaching

Empowering your sales team with Training and Coaching.

The Challenge

A tech firm struggled with a stagnant sales process and an underperforming sales team, leading to missed targets and low morale.

The Resonate Solution

Engaging with our Training and Coaching services, the firm experienced a sales transformation. Our bespoke training and one-on-one coaching sessions revitalised their sales strategy and team dynamic. We focused on practical skills, from lead generation to closing, while fostering a culture of continuous learning and improvement.

The Results

The intervention led to a remarkable improvement in sales performance, with a 35% increase in sales productivity and a significant boost in team morale. The firm saw enhanced customer engagement and loyalty, contributing to sustained business growth and a competitive edge in its market.

Explore our Sales Services designed to optimise your sales funnel full and facilitate closes.

Our Sales services include SDR as a Service to enhance lead generation, paired with strategic Sales Strategy and Pipeline Management. Training and Coaching programs strengthen your team’s capabilities, while Sales Recruitment ensures you have the right talent. Our Sales CRM solutions streamline data and relationship management, and Deal Guidance provides the extra support needed for complex negotiations, offering a cohesive approach to improve sales performance and outcomes.

Training & Coaching

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